Friday, July 29, 2011

8 More Sleeps till Jordy Time!

Scenes from a few days ago - I couldn't get out for two whole days and was only able to venture out after Nick shoveled the driveway and drove me to work....Jordy saw the snow dancing via skype. Perhaps one day he'll be help me build a snowman.

I am getting used to packing summer light clothes in the middle of winter, after all I've had a lot of practice now, lucky me! It's still pretty wierd. It's only just over 4 months since I've been with Jordy but in this short time he's grown into a little boy...just today he got his very own big boy chair...
Counting down Jordy, Mamma Maree is nearly on her way.......

Friday, January 28, 2011

Prodical Son

It has been so long since I have visited Blogland that I am unfamiliar with how it works anymore...I have tried to post some pix of happenings but have been unsuccessful.

So..there is just one snapshot that will convey Dalmeny .....Nick has arrived!!!!

He didn't have this very useful motor on arrival of course, but where would Nick be without a Truck!!!! A Horse without a Carriage...So exciting - 2 cabs, & he has fixed an incredible boxed speaker sound system made up from old bookcases that he is just trying out now.
We have already a great pile of woodends to take away- but I'd better let him enjoy his music & a joy ride first:)

Nick has only been here a month & I cannot believe what he has fixed/unscrambled !

He has been so busy ripping out rotten toilet walls, fixing leaking plumbing & bringing his mum up to date with "must haves" ( already we are wireless - but here I win 'cos I managed that one! (after many hours & with a little help from Wayne )

We have great plans for this wee house & work is already underway.

1} toilet: work in window ($10 ) & sink ($145) purchased...walls still to be lined.

2} laundrey: work in the moment excellent working area for on site building )cupboards & closed in laundrey area planned, french doors recovered from basement ( old ones from lounge ) propped up against outside wall ready to lead out to outside deck.

3}Kitchen Challenge Brainstorming ongoing...New Fridge up & running ( Best Purchase Ever! )
How to make small space work & keep soul of "wee Olde Bungalow" without spending too much?? $ Prodical Son has found kitchen cupboard catches in bargain bin 1/2 price as no one makes them anymore!)

4} Enough $ left over so that main focus goes into HUGE DECK which looks out onto beautiful vista which is already there at no cost:)

Yes, I know....Nick has ARRIVED! It's only been a month, but already we are well underway with so many jobs.

I'm Project Manager & Nick is a great listener...we are a good Team & what I love about US is that it's like he's never been away. But the thing I love best about NICK is that whatever happens he just says ... " we can work that one out worries....

P.S. In Down Time we chat about Jordy & Finnigan too:)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Mr Ten Year Old ( in 8 more sleeps )

This weekend I travelled down South to spend some time with my whanau. My favourite thing is always the big hug I get from my Finnnie & I am always suprised how fast he is growing - it won't be too long before he is looking down at his Mum & his Auntie Maree.
And here's some pix to prove it...

It doesn't seem to long ago when Finn was standing safetly out of range and waving to me as I mowed the lawn, and now here he is Lawnmower Man, and he can even get the mower started! Can hardly believe, and am very impressed. I can see him jumping on the back of Nick's ute this coming Summer & helping him do lots of man chores.

After we had watched Finn do all that hard work off we headed to Riverton & before we hit the beach we just had to have lunch at D&D's favourite Kiwi Cake Place " Thyme Out" It's the one with the big Lemingtons ( although they had all gone ) but there was lots of yummy cakes to choose from - The adults chose delicious scones, jam & cream ( am imagining Jordy's first taste of scone - hee hee ) & of course we had to take pix...maybe it's just as well you can't see the cakes..would be too cruel.
The boys opted for icecream after their swim - as big as those St Kilda ones!

Soaking up the sun - hard to believe Southland had so much snow just a few weeks ago - so much that the roof of the Sports Stadium collpapsed.

No surfing waves but Finn & his friend had great fun keeping cool & had cool mud fights.

Jude & I had a lovely walk along the shore - Riverton in the sun with my Family...a perfect day.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Being With Jordy

2 months have passed now since I have been with wee Jordy.
There are too many wonderful magic moments to think about that I can't bring myself to journal. It somehow puts the feelings that I feel in a past tense. Sometimes that helps.
I have put all my photos in an albumn & made a wee diary for Jordy. I know he will treasure these one day.
It is so wonderful that his first years are recorded in so many ways.
Jordy's Gong Gong is giving a Wonderful History of past times; Not only for his many blog followers but more importantly for the family. Jordy's NZ/Irish/Scottish Heritage is not so detailed as his Singapore/Chinese connection but I hope we will have a few stories to tell him.

When I mentioned that I was having difficulty starting up my blog again, Jordy's Gong Gong sent me advice & encouragement: Start with a photo he advised. And so that's what I am doing. Starting with a photo....

Here is my latest photo of wee Jordy. It has been nearly 2 weeks since I have had a pix, as David ( BEST PHOTO SNAPSOTS FOR MAMMA IN THE WORLD AWARD ) was away on overseas trip for work. I really missed my "Jordy Fix" and I suppose in 2 weeks he hasn't changed too much but when the latest snapshot came through this week I couldn't help thinking about David, that same seriousness, same thinking about things...
What do you think

And here's another wee snapshot...
A little girl who has that wee serious thinking face too.
Just as well we know that the seriousness can, in any moment turn into a Sunshine Smile...
That's the Irish Connection!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dalmeny Goes Native

Well, with the carport looking swish after major overhaul, it was time to get rid of the old Glasshouse, which didn't actually have much glass in it, didn't get any sun, and was no use for anything 'cept local cats who probably rested there during their cruise around the neighbourhood.

The wee spot down the bottom of the garden is the only shady spot on the section, so hopefully just right for some natives; 4 pungas, lots of grasses, some verigated shrubs at the back, and a lovely maple type tree that will show stunning red leaves through late summers & autumns to come.

Of course, everything's quite small but hopefully they won't take too long to grow. Have had some hilarious moments covering the fern leaves with muslin type cloth to keep out the frosts ( supposedly it's best to do this while they become established ) but just as well we haven't had Jack Frost visiting yet - the few times I've given it a go a wee wind comes up & I'm running around catching floating ghost like cloths!

All my little native garden needs now is a Nick to come home & plant some grass seeds and a little Jordy to have fun playing around the grasses & fern

Friday, June 11, 2010

Postscript to Dora's Blog

Here's the Australian Cover for the Book Thief...

We also have the UK version; I liked UK cover but something about the above drew me in. I haven't seen the US one, but I agree with D, US covers seem a bit non descript to me too.

When I was spoiling myself with The Girl with the Dragon Tatt00 series there were a couple of covers to choose from & I went in search for the cover I wanted to live with. It will be interesting to see which cover reflects best our interpretations after reading ( for D & me to discuss at later date )

In the meantime I am very happy having another superb Rose Tremain story to emerse myself in.
It doesn't really matter what the cover is as I know it will be just exactly right...
..a serene snapshot; autumn in Cevennes France..exactly how I imagine those regions to be.
My only gripe is that it has a truly ugly stamp advertising that Rose is; Author of The Road Home..winner of Orange Prize etc etc...When you have been an avid fan since the 1970's it seems almost an insult. But I often forget that I have been following favourite authors for decades and there's probably two generations out there catching up. So, nice for Rose that she has a younger membership.
And whatever the cover, it is always such a joy & wonderful connection that D&D share & love the same stories that I do.

Here's a little story that was first published in 1930.
I know there are lots of wonderful stories about trains out there ( Thomas series; Jordy's cousins can supply him for years ) but there's something really nice about passing down stories that remain with you matter how many decades. Although I had to order it, the wee story about the little train "thinking he can" still lives on. The cover is just how I remembered it, it's just been squashed down to DVD size. maybe just right for little hands!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Learning How To Relax

Oh Dear... I think the "Missing Jordy" project caught up on me & maybe for the first time in my life I am being forced to slow down & take it easy.....No regrets though - at least I have a nice wee space to recupirate

It's just SO frustrating to have such good things happening around the place & all I can do is sit back & watch: This is the carport which is finished now but I didn't have any hand it at all..."cept watch & be amazed at the good workmanship, & marvel at the changes.

So, what do I do all day...well I had three days off work !!!! That's a BIG thing for me, cos I think I am indespensible & now that I know that life goes on without me, I have spent 2 weeks coming home early afternoon.
Lots of sleeping & watching DVD's & I have also soaked up lots of books.
My favourite author of all time is confirmed:
Joseph O'Connor. I know it's a hard call.
Rankin ( Scottish ) O'Connor ( Irish ) I know..doesn't need explaining does it.
My sort of Fab List: ( not in fav order )
Margraet Forster
Rose Tremain
Denise Mina ( new found Scottish Thriller writer )
William Boyd
Kate Atkinson
Sebastian Fawkes
Elizabeth Jane Howard
Andrew Taylor ( very Dickenson )
Michael Connelly
Robert Goddard ( not quite Dickens, but almost )
Ann Marie Mc Donald
If any one of above release a newy I am the first to start looking. Sometimes I feel like getting in contact & telling them to hurry up for the next one...
Of course this doesn't count all those wonderful novels we come across;
etc etc
My collection of O'Connor comes from my travels. I don't know why he's not on NZ shelves, but it's quite nice to search him out when I'm away... I don't feel guilty at all purchasing a copy from far off lands. It's so much fun when I find one.
I first came across him while travelling through Ireland, then I found one in Vancouver, & two from Singapore. ( Sing has best Bookshops!)
I couldn't believe my luck a few afternoons ago when I came acoss a J O'Connor book at a local 2nd hand bookshop. $9. If I wasn't on half time I would never have come across it!!!! He's NEVER in our bookshops.

So"INISHOWEN" was added to my collection, and it is just the most perfect story...
A Thriller, a Love Story, a family story with a Human Heart, a bit of Irish history, funny...sad, a page turner...almost worth being unwell & a few restless nights bearable. Thankyou Mr. O'Connor!!
I'll have to read "STAR OF THE SEA" again to see which of the two wins!
Have watched all of MAD MEN series 2 - ADDICTIVE.
Lots of DVD's - the only memorable's -
No Man's Land
Boy A
Rachel's Wedding

Of Course no writer, or DVD can match the magic that is Jordy!!! I cannot tell you how many times I have watched my wee Grandson wake up in his cot & say Mamma Ma...reee. Such a buzz. Really & truly, D&D should have copy right & they could be very rich.
And then there's wee Jordy out & about on a wee walk ( such a giggle ) & then again testing his independance going downstairs; confidently saying "up" with each step, and then, after his big adventure in the bath, relaxed & happy, giggling away & pleased as punch that he can say "ah choo!"

I Love David's new phone even more than he does. The best thing about technology is that us far away Mamma's can keep in touch & not miss too many precious moments.
So: There's a wee snapshot of my life at the moment. Very minute. Very singular.
Bring on Bali!